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Ichele Brands is running a promo where we’ll send you one FREE premium Legging / Yoga Pant of your choice! Our premium Leggings / Yoga Pants normally range from $36-$49. Hurry—limited to the first 20 people. Then they’re GONE!


  1. We’re all about community and want to give back!
  2. We know you’ll love them so much that you’ll want to get more from us again & again

How Do I Get It?

Follow 2 quick & easy steps to get your FREE Legging / Yoga Pant…

  1. Fill out the form* at the bottom of this page
  2. Click “Accept notifications” (if it pops up)

Then you’ll get an email or text message with a checkout code for your FREE choice of 3 Leggings / Yoga Pants!

You’ll Also Get…

  1. 1 Weekly Discount Code (% OFF amount changes each week—different every time)
  2. 1 Weekly Fitness Tip
  3. 1 Weekly Life / Self-Improvement Tip

And more content like this video below!


Here’s what people are saying about Ichele Brands…

    " asked me what I thought. I told them how I love them because it made my booty look amazing, hugged my legs perfectly and were super comfortable. And that I loved the style and material. I didn’t expect what happened next... They were so touched! They shared their story that it was a labor of love. They spent months of hard work and sweat, pouring over every detail. So hearing how much I loved them was so rewarding and meant the world. I love sharing stories like this!" - Melissa

    Why Ichele Brands?

    • Community
    • Concierge—not call center
    • 30-Day Refund Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

      Ichele Brands Benefits

      • Buy 2, Get 1 FREE
      • Weekly Huge Discounts
      • FREE return shipping for exchanges—better than just about all other stores!
      • 60-day FREE exchanges: “no fit, no problem!”

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      Common Questions & Answers

      • Q: Who is Ichele Brands?
      • A: Kindly see our home page for more. Take a look!
      • Q: What is Ichele Brands refund policy?
      • A: Kindly see our refund policy. We provide premium white-glove service. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to check on your order, change it—or anything else we can do!
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